Information – Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission Deadline: December 28, 2018

Proposals are welcomed for presentation on research projects and best practices highlighting all pathways to STEM careers. Submissions can be submitted to present in workshops, symposia, Deeper Dives, and/or posters.  All submissions are reviewed by members of the UI Advisory Committee.

Workshops.  Abstracts should be designed to provide attendees with models, methods, and hands-on tools that can be adapted to other campuses, programs, and populations. Two types of workshops are available:  a. Hands-on instructional interactive sessions (1.5 or 3 hours) b. Focused Seminar (1.5 hours) on a single topic.

Symposia.  Concurrent symposia feature 20-minute presentations, each followed by a 10-minute open question and answer period.   Abstracts submitted for symposia presentations should include rationale, design, research results and/or program outcomes pertinent to broadening participation in STEM education and careers.

Complete symposium proposals with no more than three (3) presentation abstracts can be submitted that are centered on a specific title, institutional alliance, or common objective.  Complete Symposium proposals should include a parent abstract that gives the session overview, and individual presentation abstracts, for a maximum of four presentations, including the overview presentation.  Time limitations for each presentation are consistent with that for regular symposium presentations.

Deeper Dives. Concurrent Deeper Dive sessions feature 15-minute presentations, after which members of the audience participate  in separate (and concurrent) 30-minute roundtable discussions, each led by a speaker (and his/her coauthors). Abstracts submitted for Deeper Dive presentations should include (a) the focus of study, (b) the methodology used, and (c) illustrative questions/issues to be discussed in the open-ended roundtable discussion.

Posters.  Poster presentations must fit on a 4’x4’ poster board.  Abstracts for poster presentation should highlight the following components:

  1. Focus of the intervention—what is studied and why
  2. Study population—describe it and any comparison or control group
  3. Contextual factors—if a case study, what is adaptable; if another kind of study, what was measured and how; what limits generalization
  4. Outcomes of the intervention—what was found in what time frame
  5. Relevance to the UI community—how does the study advance theory and/or practice as described in the literature; and what does it suggest as a next step.

Length of Abstracts.  We encourage abstract submissions consistent with the guidelines above in Arial 11-point font, with 1500-4000 characters including spaces.  Abstract submissions should also include 2-5 literature references in APA format.

The conference committee reserves the right to move abstracts between presentation categories, e.g., Symposium to Deeper Dive, Symposium to Poster.