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Students from any institution in Massachusetts can put their CV up on a website that is maintained by the center, and they can talk about the kind of job that they would like to have, the kind of internship companies… and the companies are limited to small ones… can go to this website and find a candidate for an internship within their company. The state pays for the 12-week internship; it can be extended for a second 12 weeks. And if you take a community college student then you can have another internship too.

So it’s very attractive on all cases and small companies have loved it because they get access to free people power which is always wanted. Students love it because they get real world experience and they are useful. And about half of those interns who are placed end up getting the job from the company that hired them or in a company that hires them because they’ve had this experience already at another company. It’s become widely successful and is… we now have three rounds during the year because it is such a popular program.